My Profile - Somewhere Out There One Incredible Man

Rick Brentlinger, Founder of GC101

My Profile - Artistic yet not temperamental published author of the 390 page nonfiction classic, Gay Christian 101 currently writing a gay Christian novel, seeks spiritual intelligent authentic gay Christian man to share my passion for spiritual life, love and adventure.

You are a 30ish to 50ish year old man who enjoys a romantic moonlight walk or an evening at home watching a Merchant-Ivory movie or a pleasant dinner with friends. If you desire a spiritual and emotional soul mate to love for the rest of your life, perhaps serendipity and the grace of God are now at work.

If you enjoy reading the Bible aloud and praying aloud with your partner, if you have enough self-discipline to stay physically and spiritually fit, if you are open to the call of God toward ministry, we already have much in common.

Discovering the story behind the story intrigues me. I love getting to know my friends, understanding their heart for God. The almost sub-conscious details we only discuss with loving friends speak volumes about our personal journey. If you view your life as a spiritual journey, a grand adventure with God, we may be soul mates and my profile may be the catalyst to finally bring us together.

Biblical spirituality, active evangelism, joyful service to God and developing deep personal friendships, discerning and marveling at God’s work in my life and the lives of my friends - all of these form the fabric of my inner life.

By deliberate choice, I am not part of the madding crowd. I am more leader than follower. I march to the beat of a different drum. Listen closely and in the distance, you may faintly hear the breeze-born note.

Intimate conversation while hiking a redwood forest trail is infinitely more stimulating to me than visiting Disneyland. Tuna sandwiches on whole wheat bread, organic juice and a Clif bar for dessert beside a babbling brook are more satisfying to me than lunch in a chain restaurant.

Interacting with my partner in a thousand different ways, spiritually emotionally intellectually sensually physically, brings incredible joy. Do you agree that a passionate marriage partnership modeling Biblical spirituality, mutual attraction and romantic love adds sweetness and zest to life?

My friends include serious committed Christians, eclectic rebels, twenty-something students, grandmothers and grandfathers, genXers focused on authentic Christianity instead of retirement. Does this resonate with the attitudes in your heart and soul?

I gravitate toward exotic offbeat individuals, in looks, temperament, approach to life, searching souls who though flawed, still retain enough idealism to tilt at one more windmill. Is a strong inner desire to follow God as attractive to you as it is to me?

Most of my life has been invested in the lives of others instead of a desperate scramble to enrich myself financially. A life well-lived, rich in experience and shared grace, is of greater value than a bulging bank account and a wizened soul.

Incurably optimistic, I persist in believing that some- where, out there, your heart, o love of my life, is stirring to find me. You are my soul mate, prepared by God for me as He has prepared me for you.

One Incredible Man

One incredible man, a unique work of our loving God, gazes heavenward, eyes fixed on the same star I see, heart passionately longing for me as I long for him, while slowly inexorably, our loving Lord orders circumstances to bring us together. Perhaps for the first time, as you read my profile, our hearts began to beat as one.

If my profile resonates in your heart, creates a longing in your soul, encourages you to sing harmony with my melody, impels you to prayerfully contact me, I have no way of knowing that so the next move is yours, if you have the courage.

We are two unique men in seven billion.
Isn't it time we found each other?

You may Contact Me by clicking here.

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