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GC101 News Blog - Musings of An Authentic Gay Christian.

This Blog is experimental as I explore ways to interact with readers in 109 countries around the world.

I invite your Comments, Suggestions, Ideas...

The purpose of this website is to educate gay Christians on what the Bible really says and doesn't say about homosexuality and spirituality.

So many times, nongay Christians clobber gay Christians with verses which they interpret as prohibiting homosexuality and lesbianism.

The verses nongay Christians use are always wrested from their Biblical, cultural and historical context.

On GayChristian101.com we're always careful to note context when discussing scripture.

A text without a context is usually a pretext for teaching something that is not true.

Wise Christians focus on what the Bible actually says, in context and not merely on what it is presumed to teach.

God is working in the gay community. Gays and lesbians are coming to Christ in spite of nongay Christians. We are busy evangelizing our own community because traditional churches have neglected this vital area of spiritual ministry. GC101 News Blog.

Many gay Christians feel like the Gentiles must have felt in the first century. Believing Jews didn't think God was interested in saving those abominable Gentiles.

Even Peter, in Acts 10, didn't want anything to do with ministering to Gentiles.

"Why Lord, do you know how those Gentiles live? They live unclean lives..."

God wouldn't let Peter toss the Gentiles on the scrapheap of history and God won't let the Church toss gay Christians on the scrapheap of history!

Peter couldn't get away with ignoring the spiritual needs of the Gentiles. It was God's plan to integrate believing Gentiles into His church and make them equal members of the body of Christ.

In the twenty-first century, it is God's plan to integrate believing gay, lesbian and transgender Christians into His church because they are equal members of the body of Christ.

If you are a nongay Christian, you can be like Peter and become part of God's plan or you can sulk on the sidelines and miss what God is doing right now.

Do you have enough Christian grace to extend the hand of Christian fellowship to your gay, lesbian and transgender brothers and sisters?

Rick Brentlinger

GC101 News Blog - Thursday, May 3, 2007
Great news to announce! GayChristian101.com now has an RSS feed, to make it easy for you to know when we add pages or changes pages or any other news about GayChristian101.com

Also, we've added the Gay Christian 101 News Blog, so that we can quickly and efficiently keep you informed about what's going on.

In a few months, we'll restructure the Gay Christian 101 Blog to enable reader comments. That way, you can ask questions or respond to what we publish.

We're growing, with daily visitor count going up each month.

Finally, the book, Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay Christians is at the printer. Today is Thursday, May 3rd,2007.It won't be long now until we have books ready to sell.

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and support.

GC101 News Blog - Thursday, March 25, 2007
If you haven't seen the DVD Fish Can't Fly, from Producer/Director Tom Murray, check out this 90 second video.

You can order Fish Can't Fly from Amazon.com

Here is the Fish Can't Fly Website. Tom has a new DVD out now about our Transgendered brothers and sisters.


GC101 News Blog - Thursday, March 15, 2007

Book Almost Ready For Printer - Two New Pages on GC101 Answer The Question, Are Christians Under The Law.

I am home again, after a 12 day trip to Ohio to visit my family. I've been working on the final galley proofs of the book. My local printer will finish formatting by the end of March.

At that point in time, another printer will print the book. Lord willing, and if there are no unanticipated delays, I should have copies available for sale toward the end of April.

I am excited about the debut of this book - Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay Christians - because the Spirit of God is moving in the gay Christian community and in the nongay community.

Someone wrote that this book may help to cause a new Reformation in the Church which will lead to acceptance of gay Christians in the spiritual life of the Church. So, I included that phrase on the front cover of the book.

Thanks for exploring this website every week.

Let me know what you think about Christians and the Law - Click Christians & Law in the Nav Bar.

GC101 News Blog - Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rick Brentlinger's Remarks Spark Outrage Among Talk Show Listeners

There is an interesting discussion going on about my remarks on the "Narrow Minds" radio show.

Click Here To Read Blogger Debate about GayChristian101.com Founder Rick Brentlinger’s comments on Unchained Radio’s “Narrow Minds” Call-In Talk Show

GC101 News Blog - Monday, February 19, 2007

Rick Brentlinger Featured Guest On Live Radio Call-In Show

Rick Brentlinger, Founder of GayChristian101.com and author of Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay Christians, (publication date - May, 2007), was the featured guest on Unchained Radio's Live Call-In Show, Narrow Minds, broadcasting over the Internet from Southern California.

The one hour program aired live on Monday evening at 6:00 Pacific Coast time and will be available for several weeks as a podcast download from Unchained Radio - see link below.

Pastor Gene Cook is the intelligent, affable Host. The topic of discussion was Gay Christians - What Does The Bible Say? We debated this subject and I answered questions from Pastor Gene and from listeners.

Our discussion was friendly, informative and lively. Pastor Gene expressed the desire to have me as a guest on the show again to continue our discussion. When that opportunity arises, I'll make the announcement here on the GC101 News Page.

Click Here to visit Unchained Radio and Pastor Gene Cook's "Narrow Minds" Internet Radio Program.

You've read GC101 News Blog. Click Here To Return To Gay Christian 101.com Home Page.

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