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Since October 2006 when this website first appeared online, generous donations from loving people total $4291.00 - an average of $36 a month, to pay website expenses and support our worldwide gospel ministry. Thanks to everyone who gives to keep this ministry online. Expensive and time consuming costs of answering email questions, research, writing, hand-coding html, designing and publishing, updating and keeping this website online are paid for and performed by Rick Brentlinger, founder and webmaster.

eBook sales also support the worldwide website and gospel ministry of and Rick Brentlinger - If this website has been a blessing to you, Thanks for paying it forward by supporting us financially.

If you would like to support
our worldwide gospel ministry

you may Contact Us for a snail mail address or, to donate via Paypal, use our email address:

We are not a 501c3

Because we are not a 501c3 non-profit, we cannot offer you a tax-deductible receipt for your gifts. Many people are unaware that there are many other ways to help our ministry besides donating money.

Thanks for praying for this ministry and for spreading the word to the GLBTQI community that we can be saved and GLBTQI and still believe the Bible, love the Lord and serve God.

Practical ways you
can help

1. Pray for GayChristian101 and our worldwide ministry.

God answers the faithful prayers of Christians. Please put GC101 on your personal prayer list and on your church prayer list.

If you hang out at online prayer sites, please put on their Internet list. If possible, please also include a Link to us:

2. Write a Positive, 5 star review of
Gay Christian 101 on

The more 5 star reviews of Gay Christian 101 that are posted on the more people will see and buy our book and be helped by its powerful truths. Donations may include your time instead of your money.

3. Buy a copy of Gay Christian 101 for friends and family.

Book sales help us keep GC101's FREE Information on the Net. The powerful truths in our book and website arm you for spiritual self-defense and loving offense against the lies of the anti-gay crowd.

Give copies to your pastor and your friends. Hand deliver a copy of Gay Christian 101 to your local junior high school, high school, private school, junior college, community college and university libraries.

4. Add your Coming Out gay and Christian story to our website.

Thousands of gays and lesbians in 185 countries around the world could benefit from your Coming Out Gay and Christian story if you'll take the time to post it on our website. Donations don't have to be monetary. Your true story of salvation in Jesus Christ alone is a donation.

5. Link your Blog to:

If you blog, you can help get the word out by including a Link to this site on your Blog. FREE Banners here.

6. Post our Banner on Christian and
Gay Christian Message boards.

When you participate on Christian and Gay Christian Message Boards, placing our Banners in your posts, where appropriate, helps other gay Christians find our helpful website.

If has been a blessing to you, thanks for sharing our Link with others so we can be a blessing to them.

7. Post our Banner Link in your local gay newspapers and websites including high school and college websites and newspapers.

Share a Link to with your local gay newspapers and magazines and your high school and college newspapers and Internet sites. Donations like this don't involve money but greatly help to get the word out.

8. Post our Link on your local affirming church websites.

Include a Link to on your local affirming church website so others can be helped by the free information we provide.

9. Share our Link with other high page rank Gay Christian websites.

Google and other search engine spiders really like to see Links to from other high-quality high page rank gay Christian websites. By sharing our Link,

with other high-quality gay Christian websites, you can help thousands of people discover our vital truths.

10. Write an article for our website which is suitable for a Bible-based conservative evangelical Christian ministry.

If you have written an article about being gay and Christian, which would be suitable for an evangelical gay Christian website, please submit your article to us for consideration by using our Contact Us page.

We can't afford to pay you for donations of your articles but since we have 55,000+ readers every month, if we publish your article, it will be read around the world.

11. Get permission for us to repost excellent articles about being gay and Christian or gay marriage or other topics.

If you know of helpful articles about being gay and Christian or which defend gay Christians, which are available for us to repost on please send us the article and the Link where we can get permission to repost it.

12. Post our Link on your local Craigslist and other national Message Boards.

If you chat on Craigslist or use Craigslist to buy and sell, please consider posting a Link to Gay Christian 101 and a picture of our book under books for sale on your local Craigslist.

13. Call radio talk shows and mention Gay Christian 101, the book and the website.

Exposure on local and national radio talk shows helps us help more people. If you call local or national talk shows when they’re talking about gay issues, please mention Gay Christian 101 - the book and the website. The more positive exposure we get, the more people we can help through the excellent information we provide. Donations of your time and insight are just as valued as monetary donations.

14. Ask your local independent bookstore to carry my book Gay Christian 101.

If you have a gay bookstore in your area, ask them to carry Gay Christian 101. Please give them our Link so they can contact us.

15. Help us send free copies of Gay Christian 101 to people of influence who will publicize our book.

As funds are available through Donations, we ship free copies of Gay Christian 101 to people of influence, who will review our book and give it publicity on their Blog or website or in newspapers and magazines.

If you know a person of influence in the gay or gay Christian community, who has a TV or radio program or a popular presence on the Net, please order a book and ask us to send it to them.

From time to time, friends of donate the price of a book to enable us to send free copies of Gay Christian 101 to people who will help us get out the message.

If you would like to donate
to our worldwide ministry

you may Contact Us for a snail mail address or,

For gifts via Paypal, use our email address:

Thank you for partnering with us
in this life-changing ministry!

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